British Museum: Egyptian Chapter

by Tiptoe Tales Audio stories collection, presented by Junior Historian

British Museum: Egyptian Chapter

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Dive into the exciting world of ancient Egypt with our British Museum audio story by Tiptoe Tales. In this short story, we bring ancient Egyptian gods and Egyptian kings back to life as you are immersed in their fascinating and spectacular history.

Egyptian Chapter audio story overview

Our British Museum Egyptian Chapter focuses on the ancient Egyptian section of the museum, the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the country, and usually the most exciting and fascinating part for children. Taking you on a journey through the afterlife and teaching your children all about the rituals of the ancient Egyptians. Learn about their ancient language, their Book of the Dead, and how you too, can become a mummy and journey to the afterlife.

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Don’t forget to download and print our Egyptian Scavenger Hunt! The perfect activity that makes the museum more exciting and interactive as your children hunt for the amazing artefacts that they’ve learned all about in our British Museum audio story.

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