Tips for Parents

Below are our top tips for getting the most out of your Tiptoe Tales audio stories and scavenger hunts!

We recommend printing the scavenger hunt off ahead of your visit, and allowing the children to read through the questions before you visit the museum. This helps them to remember things that they can look for when you get there.

The best size for printing is either a4 or a5 size, so that it is easy to carry and use. You might also like to bring along a clipboard and pencil so that it is easy to complete as you make your way around the museum.

We also find that oftentimes, children love to draw and sketch during their visit. So, you can either take blank paper with you for the clipboard or just use the blank side of the scavenger hunt pages for drawing!

Encourage your children to speak to the people working there (such as the beefeaters at the Tower of London) to find out even more about the museum and it’s history. Our audio stories and scavenger hunts are designed to spark curiosity, and so we also recommend encouraging children to come up with their own questions too!

Final tip: our scavenger hunts are designed so that you can start from any page! You do not need to move around the museum as arranged in the scavenger hunt.