Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

All of our Tiptoe Tales audio stories are designed for beginners! Children may ask questions about the content of the audio story but if you’re not sure about the answer, each museum has a team of curators who know are extremely knowledgable and love to help answer questions.

We also think it is exciting and fun to learn alongside your children as a shared experience!

We offer the printable scavenger hunts to help children to remember the audio story. We find that when a child goes to a museum with the purpose of finding something, it helps to encourage learning and makes the information stick.

Don’t worry if you can’t find something, you can either:
– Skip it and save it for your next visit
– Ask someone at the museum
Send us an email and we will send you the answer

The complete scavenger hunt is yours to keep! You can use it as a memory of all the things you found during your visit to the museum, and as a reminder that you are a Junior Historian!

At this time, our audio stories are available only in English. If you would like to express your interest for Tiptoe Tales availability in other languages, please email [email protected] and let us know which language you’d love to listen to our stories in!

Once you have purchased your chosen audio story, you will be able to access it from your Library for one year.

Our Tiptoe Tales audio story collection is still very new and therefore at this time we are still working on developing our stories and adding new museums to our range.

At this stage we do not have a rewards system implemented, but we would like to add this feature in the future – especially if our audience loves our products as much as we do!

We have big plans for the future of Junior Historian and our Tiptoe Tales audio story collection. Eventually, we plan to take our products global 🙂

Remember, if there is a museum or site you’d love to see us cover in our audio stories, send us an email with your request – we will continue working on those which are most in demand.

Payment and Usage Questions

All you need to do is find the page for your chosen Tiptoe Tales audio story click on the ‘buy now’ button, and then use the checkout page to complete your purchase.

Once you have completed checkout, you will be able to access the audio by heading to the ‘My Library‘ area of your account. Here you can listen to the audio and download your printable scavenger hunt!

No, your audio story purchase is a one off payment. Once the year has passed and the audio has expired, you can purchase the story again if you wish.

We handle all payments via Stripe, which is a third party payment gateway. When you pay through Stripe, you can use a debit or credit card (including American Express), as well as Google and Apple pay options.

We may occasionally run promotions, and if so, these will be announced via our mailing list or our social media channels.

Please note that our digital products are non-refundable.

Once you have completed checkout you will be able to access the audio story. You will be able to play audio from your account area.

Please note that all products purchased are available for you only and are available from your account area after purchase. 

You are not permitted to download, share, copy, sell or distribute the products to other people and doing so is a breach of both our terms of service and our copyright terms.

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