Hever Castle

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Hever Castle
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Step into a world of rich history and captivating tales with our Hever Castle audio story. Immerse yourselves in the enchanting journey through one of England’s most remarkable castles, all while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of our audio story.

Hever Castle audio story overview

Our Hever Castle audio story for children will delve into the history of Hever Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Our audio story will take children on a journey through the castle’s transformation from a medieval fortress to the splendid Tudor residence we see today. Learn about the famous figures who once called Hever Castle home, including the Boleyn family, and their connections to one of England’s most intriguing chapters, the Tudor period.

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With every audio purchase, you also get access to a printable scavenger hunt. Our Hever Castle scavenger hunt is designed to actively engage children, giving them the opportunity to explore Hever Castle’s magnificent grounds during your visit.

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